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Cachin: «This win means a lot to me»

Argentine tennis player Pedro Cachin achieved his first victory of the year at the Argentina Open and advanced to the round of 16. After the meeting, these were his statements.

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Pedro Cachin It has grown tremendously in recent months, winning many titles on the Challenger circuit and also winning a Grand Slam tournament. This year, 2023, he lives his first experience as a Top 100 player with a new ranking and competes in the most important tournaments. The season didn’t start in the best possible way as he struggled to get on the surface and couldn’t win a single game. However, he arrived in Buenos Aires, showed a great level and progressed to the round of 16 with a strong win Thiago Monteiro.

Cachin Statements

«This win is very valuable to me. This is the first season of the year that I’m betting on playing in tournaments that my rankings allow. They are very big tournaments, so I’m learning and I’m very happy«Pedro analyzed.

On the other hand, he was encouraged to think about his next game: «Now I’m going to enjoy the victory and then I’ll start thinking about how to play Lorenzo (Musetti). I think it will be a very difficult match on brick dust and certainly physicality has a lot to do with it. What if, I bet I’ve won a very hard game and I’m feeling good«.

On the other hand, he commented on the change in surface from Finland to Argentina: «On the first day in Córdoba, it was very difficult for me to adapt. Energies were very low, with all the emotions, after the flight…” said. And then he continued: “But accepted many things despite the bad wind, because he had not played with brick dust for many months and the heat was very high, so the conditions were very different. But today I succeeded in a very important game and I am very happy«.

Finally, he told about his short stay in his hometown: «I went to Bell Ville for a few hours, I was with the closest people. It was the last day because now I’m starting a tour and after Miami I’m going to Europe and being close to them is very important.«.

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