Burruchaga Reis Challenger Coquimbo

Burruchaga is eliminated in the semifinals of Coquimbo

Argentine tennis player Román Burruchaga could not overcome Brazil’s Joao Reis da Silva, going down 6-2, 6-4 after 1 hour 30 minutes of play in the semi-finals of the Challenger 75 in Coquimbo. The world number 262 leaves for Europe to continue his schedule through Oeiras and Skopje.

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Romanian Burruchaga growing up and looking for improvements in his tennis Leonardo «Yacaré» Mayer as a coach. The 21-year-old Argentinian tennis player comes from a season in which he became a champion Open M25 and reached the definition in Antalya. In addition, he reached the semi-finals Lima and Corrientes challengersand the rooms inside Buenos Aires. Its year 2023 started with a decline Tucumaneighth Santiagoconsecutive losses Viña del Mar, San Luis Potosí, León and Florianópolisand the rooms inside Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club.

João Reis da Silva It has shown an increase in its level, which it aims to maintain throughout the year. Last season, he was unable to win titles despite reaching the finals Ambato’s challenger and Guayaquil and Recife ITF. 2023 started with eight in Tigre 1, defeat in Piracicaba, elimination in Concepción, falls in Río and Tucumán, eight in Santiago, second in San Luis Potosí, byes in León and Morelos and eight in Buenos Aires.

Reis da Silva orders with authority

Roman Burruchaga and Joao Reis da Silva They met in the semi-finals Coquimbo Challenger.

Fierce start of the game, errors from both serve and return hits, the Brazilian got two breaks against one. Later, Joao found strength in his shots, he was able to make good decisions and command without much problem. In the fifth game, the Argentine escaped from two break points to strengthen himself. However, Reis da Silva did not suffer the service, he tried again on the reception and one more break gave him 6-2 in 40 minutes.

The other sleeve was dominated by supply voltages, causing chaos and unable to return. In addition, both took the opportunity to be aggressive and forceful in their right. After 3-2, Román saw an opportunity, didn’t miss it and went 4-2 very optimistically. However, the Brazilian put on his overalls and started to return. Although Burruchaga did not lower his level, he made significant mistakes. Launched, acquitted with great authority, Reis da Silva was convicted andl 6-2, 6-4 after 1h30.

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