Bueno Monzón Itf Santo Domingo

Bueno was twice crowned champion at the Santo Domingo ITF


Peruvian tennis player Gonzalo Bueno defeated Argentina’s Ignacio Monzón 6-4, 6-2 after 1 hour 40 minutes of play in the ITF M15 final in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchillas, Ecuador. This left him with the third title of his career in this category.

Gonzalo Bueno He is one of the most interesting prospects in Peruvian tennis, with great tennis and charisma. Last season he alternated some junior tournaments with professionals. His most important week was when he became champion ITF M15 de Lima. Then he made it to the semi-finals Slime challengerand the semi-finals Aprilia ITF, Novi Sad and Santa Cruz. The year 2023 started with losses in qualifying Tiger 1, Tiger 2 and Piracicabasemi-finals in Palm Coastlosses in Weston and Naples 1sow in Naples 2, eighth Santiagoearly termination Viña del Mar and master included Santo Domingo de los Tsachillas 1. In the second edition, it exceeded Jorge Ruiz, Ignacio Becerra, Victor Lilov and Aleksandre Metreveli to be a finalist.

Ignacio Monzon He is a 25-year-old Argentine tennis player who has struggled to make the jump from the ITF circuit to the Challenger, but is a diligent sportsman and competes every week. Last season he won the championship ITF M15 de Cairo 1 and arrived at the definition in Cairo 3. In addition, he knew how to reach the semi-finals Santa Cruz ITF. The year 2023 started with losses in qualifying Tiger 1, Tiger 2, Piracicaba and Conceptionfinal and Palm coastaldrop in Weston and Naples 1enter the rooms Naples 2see you in Anapoima and Mosqueraand the rooms inside Santo Domingo de los Tsachillas 1. This week he eliminated Johan Rodríguez, Julián Gimenez, Tobías Franco and Alejandro Hoyos.

Well, sweep to be a champion

Gonzalo Bueno and Ignacio Monzón measured to resolve the title ITF M15 from Santa Domingo de los Tsáchillas.

The first set was a real battle, with both focusing on making points long, looking to move their opponent and create early breaks. Thus, the first six games had breaks in one and the other, both of which showed more comfort in the return. Then the Peruvian managed to keep it 0 with corners and precise offers, showing his presence in the final. Despite the fact that the Argentinian managed to hold the draw, Bueno was already better on the court and with great aggression managed to break once more and get ahead. 6-4 in 54 minutes.

In the second round, they both started to hold with no problems, showing a lot of focus and attitude towards each point. However, Monzón began to suffer in the third game of the final, but could not find answers with his tennis, was unable to hurt and ran everywhere with the power of his rival. Effective with passes and making the most of every opportunity, Bueno put in a great performance to win 6-4, 6-2 after 1h40min.


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