Boris Becker Reportedly Set To Receive Role With Dtb After Serving Jail Time

Boris Becker will reportedly get a role with DTB after serving a jail term

The vice president of the German Tennis Federation, Dick Hordorff, has said that the DTB is ready to give Boris Becker a role after he completes his sentence. Becker, who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after being convicted of concealing assets after filing for bankruptcy, could be released as early as July 2023.

Between 2017 and 2020, Becker served as DTB’s Head of Men’s Tennis. This week, Hordorff told Sport Bild that «nothing speaks against him taking up a role again after he has served his sentence. I can imagine a lot of things for Boris: head of men’s tennis, manager, board or whatever.»

To put it casually: Boris can choose the job,» Hordorff said.

Will Becker return to Germany for Christmas?

Recently, the British newspaper reported that Becker could be deported to Germany and spend Christmas with his family.

After Becker was sentenced to prison, Novak Djokovic, who was coached by Becker between 2013 and 2016, said he was heartbroken to see his former coach in that position. «[I’m] just heartbroken, I mean, for him.

He is a friend, a long-time friend, a coach for three or four years, someone I consider close in my life and he has contributed a lot to my success in my career,» Djokovic said of Becker. Furthermore, Djokovic said he was Praying for Becker

«I just hope that he goes through this period where he has to be in jail and that when he gets out, you know, he can live his life like, I don’t know if we’ll use the word ‘normal’.» ‘, because life is definitely changing.

I just pray for him. I hope things are going well in terms of his health, his mental health, because that will be the most challenging part,» Djokovic added. It remains to be seen if Becker will actually spend Christmas in Germany.

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