Bjorn Borg Explains Why Rafael Nadal Was So Emotional At Laver Cup

Bjorn Borg explains why Rafael Nadal was so excited at Laver Cup

Team Europe captain Bjorn Borg thought Rafael Nadal was so excited about Roger Federer’s retirement because he was probably thinking about the day he would say goodbye to the game for good. Last Friday in London, Federer’s career came to an end at the Laver Cup.

For the final match of his career, Federer decided to play doubles with Nadal. After he finished his match and Federer addressed the crowd, Nadal broke down in tears. There was also a moment when the cameras caught Nadal and Federer holding hands.

«For me, it was incredible to see him. I think Rafa was also very sad because he knows that one day he too will have to say goodbye. But his doubles were the perfect happy ending,» Borg said in an interview with Italian newspaper La Republica.

Nadal on Federer: I will remember him as someone unique

Nadal and Federer created one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the sport. After Federer’s career came to an end, Nadal paid him the ultimate tribute by saying that the Swiss did it all in a unique way.

«In the end there is the memory of someone who I think is unique not only for what he has done but for the way he has done it, with elegance and majesty and I would say also with an elegant manner on a human level as well,» Nadal said. .

Furthermore, Nadal underlined that Federer was a great inspiration, not only for millions of people around the world, but also for him. «He is leaving one of the greatest icons in the history of sport. And in the end you also live with sadness,» Nadal said.

“I said it the other day, in the end it is to leave someone who has entertained, moved and inspired many people in the world and in a way I am also one of them.”

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