Bianca Andreescu 'Confident' She Can Have Big 2023

Bianca Andreescu ‘confident’ she can have a great 2023

2019 US Open champion Bianca Andreescu feels that with great preparation she can definitely set herself up for a great 2023 season. After skipping the start of the 2022 season to address her mental health, Andreescu kicked off her year in April.

In 2022, Andreescu went 19-12 and is now ranked 45th in the world. «I think for me right now it’s literally just a couple of points here and there that are a turning point for me. I know if I have a great preseason this year, I think next year, maybe give six months and I really think that I can do very well,» Andreescu said on the Match Point Canada Podcast, according to Sportskeeda.

Andreescu wants to return to the top

Andreescu was introduced to the tennis world in 2019, when she won four titles: the US Open, the WTA 1000 events in Indian Wells and Toronto, as well as a WTA event in Newport Beach.

That same year, Andreescu peaked at No. 4 in the world, the highest of his career. «I definitely don’t like seeing myself in the Top 50. I definitely want to get back into the Top 10. But I know this year I’ve lost to good guys, and they’ve been pretty close.»

I wouldn’t say I was swept off the pitch. Having that experience this year compared to last year against all these top players, I think it’s something totally different,» Andreescu added. Last December, Andreescu announced his decision to take an indefinite break from tennis.

Now, Andreescu says she feels she has grown and matured as a person. «I definitely feel like I’ve improved tremendously since last year. I feel like I’m dealing with everything better, I mean the losses, even the wins, the media.

Just being my own independent individual. Off the court as well, I feel like I’m maturing day by day and gaining a lot of different experiences and perspectives on a lot of things, and I’m absorbing things in a healthier way,» Andreescu explained.

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