Berrettini Estamos Exigiendo Máximo

Berrettini: «We demand the maximum»

Italy is one of the nations chasing the title in the United Cup, with the team led by Vincenzo Santopadre hoping to reach the final stage. Berrettini and Musetti were very happy to be involved in this new mixed competition.

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Italy is another one of those teams with top names such as Berrettini or Musetti. Women have them Trevisan and Bronzetti who have to pull the cart. Both Berrettini and Musetti are eager to start the tournament. In Brisbane, they play in the group stage where they made their debut against Brazil, although they also have Norway in their group. Italy will be hoping to do well and reach the final to try and fight for the champion’s trophy.

Berrettini happy with this new experience

«It’s nice to be here and play another mixed team event. We are happy and excited to play and are really looking forward to getting started and seeing how the new format plays out. It’s going to be exciting because I’ve never played mixed doubles before. We demand from each other to improve more and more and achieve more. So when we play a team competition like the United Cup, it feels good.«.

Vavassori repeats the experience

«This is my second experience as a team member. I played here in Melbourne (Australia) in the ATP Cup with Matteo. We reached the final with Vincenzo as captain and it was one of the best experiences of my career.. We try to do our best. I think we have a good team with great people. We are at the beginning of our career and I think we will share some great moments together«.

Musetti eager to start

«This is our first joint competition. I enjoy sharing these experiences with friends. I think it will be a great event and I am happy to be part of the team. We are ready for the first game (Brazil), although it will not be easy, but we have a good team with a strong captain and I think we can do very well. We are confident and we will try to get to Sydney to fight for the title«.

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