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Barrios Vera is registered with San Luis Potosí challenger

Chilean tennis player Tomás Barrios Vera defeated Germany’s Dominik Koepfer 7-6(6), 7-5 after 2h01min of play in the Challenger 75 final in San Luis Potosí. World No. 184 won the second trophy of his career at this level.

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Tomas Barrios Vera He is an ever-present in every tournament, making noise and putting any competitor in trouble. Last season he played definitions Bahia and Poznan Challengerswhen he reached the semi-finals Understanding. Later, he found it difficult to maintain regularity and did not get resonant results. His year 2023 started with a loss Noumeawhich ends Piracicabadrop in Understandingenter the rooms Córdobapassed the qualification Ríostumbles followed ATP and CH of Santiagosemi-finals in vineyard and another wheel in Mexico City. In San Luis Potosí eliminated Nick Chappell, Elmar Ejupovic, Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard and Patrick Kypson to be a finalist.

Dominik Koepfer He’s a bit far from his best, which saw him in the Top 50 in 2021, but he’s still looking for regularity at 28 years old. Last season, he didn’t get to play many tournaments, as a stress fracture took him off the court for a few months. However, he managed to become the champion Challenger from Calgary and made it to the finals Cary. 2023 only started in February and suffered back-to-back losses in the year Rome, Waco and Puerto Vallartaand title in Mexico City. In San Luis Potosí exceeded Román Burruchaga, Denis Yevseyev, Maximilian Neuchrist and Jan Choinski to get to the definition.

Barrios Vera champion in straight sets

Tomás Barrios Vera and Dominik Koepfer They met in the final Contender of San Luis Potosí.

The beginning of the final was really good and interesting. The two players defended their serves and knew how to defend their right to stay in every game without much trouble. Although there was no difference in points, the Chilean seemed more relaxed, confident in his shots and waiting for his opportunity. The German, on the other hand, ran to the right, used drops and fought. After a long tenth game in which Tomás wasted two set points, a break next to it leveled everything. There, Barrios Vera dominated with his draw, hit a backhand with weight and went ahead 7-6(6) and 1h11m.

The second set started with the duo quickly bringing their service game forward without suffering too much. However, from the third game onwards, the German was encouraged to force a comeback, able to make good decisions and lock the Chilean into his insecurities to break and get on track. However, when Koepfer served the set, he completely fell apart, made some serious errors with his hand position and began to slide away. With guts and attitude, Barrios Vera won five games in a row to win the championship 7-6(6), 7-5 after 2h01m.

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