Báez Cachín Atp Lyon

Báez wins the Argentinians’ duel in Lyon

The Argentine tennis player achieves his second important career victory in Lyon. Báez manages to maintain an immaculate rhythm in the last part of the match, which is why he ends up beating Pedro Cachín in three sets (3-6, 7-5, 6-2) after a thrilling tennis in 2h34min.

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Sebastián Báez faced another match corresponding to the new ATP tournament in the city of Lyon this May 2023. He did so after advancing in the men’s final tablewhere he would have to face the Argentinian tennis player in the round of 16 Pedro Cachín. The Argentine came into this match after defeating the Hungarian tennis player in his debut Marton Fucsovics. The Córdoba tennis player, on the other hand, came into this match having done the same against Gael Monfils also in the French tournament. Indoors against the head there are even three precedents between the two tennis playersand they took place between 2020 and 2023. Sebastián Báez emerged as the winner in all situations.

Pedro Cachín wins at the start of the match

The match started strongly for Pedro Cachín. The Argentinian managed to win the first two sets of the match with a break. At the moment I would answer in the same way Sebastián Báez, who leveled the break, leaving 2-2 in the light. This would be followed by a short exchange of winning blows, where Cachín would stand out above his rival. Number 63 in the world he made three straight with a break to leave the score at 6-3. Pedro only needed two set points to complete a good first set.

Sebastián Báez scored the global equalizer

At the start of the second period, Sebastián Báez would now be the one to start commanding the initial result. At the moment, it would be Pedro Cachín who would chain three consecutive games to a 3-1 lead in the light. In the same way, Báez, who did not want to lose face to the party, would smooth the situation. Another set of doubles by Cachín left the situation 5-4 for the player, who hit remarkably well with his hand. Finally, after three consecutive games and a double break, Sebastian Báez equalized the situation sharply 7-5.

Sebastián Báez made his weight noticeable on the track

At the start of the third period, Sebastián Báez would once again be the one to command the start. At the moment, Pedro Cachín would successfully respond to the service of every player. Sebastián’s intensity was very noticeable throughout, and it transferred in the light. In a streak of four straight games, Báez took advantage two breaks and two match points to support a roaring 6-2 for the inactive Pedro Cachín. This confirmed his passage to the quarter-finals of the tournament in Lyon.

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