Badosa Confirma Cambio Entrenador

Badosa confirms the change of coach

Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa is finalizing her preparations to return to the best version of her tennis. Bad luck on the Oceania tour and a lousy show in the Middle East. These results were important to him when he decided to trade cards in the direction of his bench.

After all that led to his pre-controversial semi-final exit WTA Adelaide 2 At the beginning of this year 2023, Paula Badosa wants to return her best version of tennis. He will do so in the new Indian Wells Masters 1000, where he will have to face his countryman. Nuria Parrizas. Although it’s not going to be an easy match because it’s because you didn’t play in the Australian Open and get knocked out in the first round. WTA Doha and Dubaiwhich continues its losing streak until now.

For this same reason, when everything seemed doomed to a negative routine, a woman born in the United States decides to make an unexpected and last-minute change. In his closest work group, one of the most famous faces to date disappears, and he is his coach. Jorge Garcia, who has been with Paula Badosa since September 2021, will not continue her coaching. In his place, the British will come Joel Cannellwith whom the tennis player was already involved during the tournament organized in the city of Doha.

Paula Badosa already has a date and time for her debut

His task will not be easy, as he must regain the quality and confidence that put him second in the Latin American club in April 2022. Since then, her fall in the women’s world rankings has been downhill and without brakes.. Likewise, and in the short term, he must manage to maintain optimal regularity in his debut US tour. His Indian Wells debut is set to take place Saturday, May 11although without a date at this time.

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