Cuadro Atp Challenger Viña Del Mar 2023

ATP Challenger Vina del Mar Draw 2023

The first part of the Viña Challenger will be run from the 13th to the 19th. March in the city of Viña del Mar, Chile. This competition is part of the ATP Challenger Series in category 75 and will be played on the clay courts of the Unión Tennis Club. Share a week with Phoenix and Szekesfehervar.

tournament results

A very special moment for Chilean tennis as the action returned to Viña del Mar, the venue that hosted the ATP Tour’s Chile Open from 2001-2009 and 2012-2014. After two weeks in Santiago (first the ATP and then the Challenger), the best players in the region will move to the Pacific coast for the absolute premiere of the Viña Challenger.

The top seed is Bolivian Hugo Dellienfollowed by the promising French Hugo Gaston and for the Argentines Camilo Ugo Carabellithree players who have fought to get and stay in the Top 100. Other Albiceleste tennis players, such as e.g. Facundo Diaz Acostawell Frank Agamemnon y Luciano Darderialthough these last two players were nationalized by the Italians.

ATP Challenger 75 Santiago frame

First round

(1) Hugo Dellien (BOL) vs (WC) Daniel Antonio Núñez (CHI)

Andrea Pellegrino (ITA) vs Qualy

Lautaro Midon (ARG) vs Thiago Seyboth Wild (BRA)

Qualy vs (5) Franco Agamemnon (ITA)

(4) Felipe Meligeni Alves (BRA) vs Tomás Barrios Vera (CHI)

Mariano Navone (ARG) vs. Gonzalo Bueno (PER)

Qualy vs. Juan Bautista Torres (ARG)

Qualy vs (7) Luciano Darderi (ITA)

(6) Facundo Diaz Acosta (ARG) vs. Thiago Tirante (ARG)

Qualy vs. Andrea Vavassori (ITA)

Hernán Casanova (ARG) vs Román Burruchaga (ARG)

Genaro Olivieri (ARG) vs (3) Camilo Ugo Carabelli (ARG)

(8) Riccardo Bonadio (ITA) vs (WC) Miguel Pereira (CHI)

Nicolás Kicker (ARG) vs Pol Martín Tiffon (ESP)

Andrea Collarini (ARG) vs Qualy

(WC) Gonzalo Lama (CHI) vs (2) Hugo Gaston (FRA)

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