Resultados Atp Challenger Piracicaba 2023

ATP Challenger Piracicaba results 2023

16.-22. January, the first ATP Challenger competition will be held in Piracicaba., in that Brazilian city. This tournament is grade 75 and will be played on the clay courts of Clube Cristóvão Colombo. Share a week with Tenerife 1 and Nonthaburi 3.

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The ATP Challenger Tour arrives Piracicaba to hold its first tournament in this city – the state of Sao Paulo -. The champion of the tournament will receive 75 points from the world ranking and $80,000 in prizes will be distributed to the participants. As this is the first time this competition has appeared on the calendar, it has no defending champions.

The favorites of Piracicaba’s original edition are the Chileans Alejandro Tabilothe argentinians Camilo Ugo Carabelli and Juan Manuel Cerundoloand Brazilian Felipe Meligeni Alves. In addition, the albiceleste compete Andrea Collarini, Genaro Olvieiri, Renzo Olivo, Facundo Diaz Acosta, Francisco Comesaña, Mariano Navone, Hernan Casanova and Baptist Torres. Also trasandinos Gonzalo Lama and Tomás Barrios Vera. Although Spain is represented The Battle of Oriol Rocaand in Colombia Nicolas Mejia.

Organizing the tournament sports institutedecided to grant the Brazilians a special invitation Pedro Boscardin, Joao Reis da Silva and Eduardo Ribeiro. No doubt it will be a great week of tennis Christopher Columbus Club. Sessions start at 09:30 local time.

The guests in the classification are the Brazilians Marcelo Zormann, Matthew Bueres, Igor Gimenez and Fernando Yamacita. The Argentinians are seeking admission to the main series Gonzalo Villanueva, Juan Pablo Paz and Ignacio Monzónas well as the Spanish Carlos Sanchez Jover.

Results ATP Challenger 50 Tiger 1

Results on January 15th
Qualifying stage (first round)

Zormann – Lavagno (09:30)

Gimenez – Echargui (09:30)

M. Dellien – Panta (09:30)

Villanueva-Bueres (11:30 a.m.)

Sundays – A. Huertas del Pino (11:30 a.m.)

Leite – Chepelev (11:30)

Monzón – Seyboth Wild (1.30pm)

Erhard – Luz (13:30)

Yamacita – Sánchez Jover (13:30)

Chung – Alves (15:30)

Paz – Heide (15.30)

Bertola – Prihodko (15:30)

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