Carlos Alcaraz: At Home, I'M A Normal Kid Who Listens To His Parents

At home I am a normal child who listens to his parents

US Open champion Carlos Alcaraz reveals at home that he is just «a normal kid» who has to listen to his parents when they are at home. Alcaraz, 19, has quickly become one of the biggest names in the game. Following his victory at the US Open, Alcaraz became No.

1 in tennis history. «When we’re at home, my parents tell me what to do. You know, ‘Do this, do that,’ normal parent-child stuff. I’m normal,» Alcaraz told GQ magazine. «I’m a normal guy».

Alcaraz is run by Juan Carlos Ferrero who is known for his hard work. For the past two seasons, Alcaraz has been steadily improving his game. «I consider myself a guy who learns things very quickly.»

Alcaraz said. “I learn very quickly and I work very hard. Every day. I worked on precision movements for the last two years, really the best.»

Alcaraz on whether he imagined his first Major would come in New York

«I didn’t,» Alcaraz admitted.

«I really hadn’t imagined which would be the first.» Alcaraz already has a fairly complete game and is practically the favorite to win wherever he wants to go. Reflecting on his future Grand Slam chances, Alcaraz suggests that no matter where he wins a Grand Slam, he just wants to win it.

“I wouldn’t mind winning in Australia or Wimbledon or Roland Garros. A slam is a slam,» Alcaraz noted. Alcaraz was aiming to win his first Grand Slam even before the US Open. After winning Masters titles in Miami and Madrid, Alcaraz said he felt ready to win the French Open.

Alcaraz made a deep run at the French Open, but Alexander Zverev finished him in the quarterfinals. After suffering a round-of-16 loss at Wimbledon, Alcaraz made a breakout run at the US Open and now has a Grand Slam title in his collection.

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