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Argentina is already training at Espoo’s Metro Arena

The Argentine Davis Cup team is already training at Espoo’s Metro Arena and wants to get in shape before next weekend’s duel with Finland.

The Davis cup brings us more than an interesting duel this weekend between Argentina visiting Finland for Qualifiers 2023. The local team chose a very affordable surface for them, and it will be indoor cement in the facility’s premises Espoo Metro Arena. For this, the albiceleste tennis players arrived in time to adapt to the conditions.

Argentina captain Guillermo Coriacommented: «I’m happy, It’s a surface the boys are used to. It stings from low and there are some differences with the field we practice. The stadium is beautiful, the boys are happy and they fit perfectly. The speed is normal, they are used to playing on the track, It is neither very fast nor slow. The balls are slightly harder. The boys have good timing and that calms us down«.

Statements of Argentine tennis players
Francisco Cerúndolo, Pedro Cachin and Facundo Bagnis are expected

«It was what we expected, very similar to what we played all year on tour. We’re fine, we’re adjusting; It’s a bit different from what we played the first three days, but the truth is we’re fine. It’s the height that’s low, that’s what I noticed the most. The speed is good, it doesn’t seem very fast or very slow to me«, commented the eldest of the brothers.

«It is the normal field of the whole district. I haven’t played on clay since August or September 2022. I have played on this type of surface, outside or inside, but always on the same surface. I’m happy because it’s a court where you can play at a good pace,” Cordovan said.

For his part, the Armstrong-born stated: «From one minute to the last, we try to get information from him, see how the ball and the shoes react. It appears to have been freshly painted so there may be some wear and tear between today and the weekend. The spike is low. I feel cold. In general, at low temperatures, the pike and the ball are slower because the sun does not warm it and make it livelier. It needs to be adjusted with springs and hopefully that will give us time between now and Saturday to arrive in the best possible way«.

Andrés Molteni and Máximo González ready for doubles

«The speed is consistent with what we play in ATP tournaments on the Indoor Tour. He has pretty good speed. Let’s hope we have fun these days and are in the best shape on Sunday. The surface is rough and the ball itself is big, so it opens a little. You have to hit it hard and adjust something with the tension of the springs«, I say well.

Machi, on the other hand, declared: «Here you have to get used to the stadium a little and in a big way. If it’s going to be crowded, the ball will weigh down and everything will be a little slower. We have 2-3 days to adapt and I think that is enough because we are used to playing in indoor tournaments on this surface.. It is very similar to Vienna and St. Petersburg«.

Information: AAT.

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