Angelique Kerber Addresses Pregnancy, Reveals Post-Pregnancy Plans

Angelique Kerber Addresses Pregnancy, Reveals Post-Pregnancy Plans

Three-time Grand Slam champion Angelique Kerber says she is motivated to return to tennis after pregnancy as she wants to be an inspiration to ‘new moms’. Kerber, 34, announced her pregnancy in August. “When you talk to them now, it’s more intense to hear what they say.

We see that moms can come back, also winning great titles. And I hope I can be one of them as well, inspiring new moms and women to get back to doing their business,» Kerber told the WTA website.

Kerber: I’ll be back when I’m fully fit

Kerber, a former world number 1, wants to return to tennis but will not rush his return.

Kerber, who will likely return to tennis sometime during the second half of the 2023 season, will return only when he is fully fit to play again. “I don’t know what time or what tournament because I really want to take the time.

And when I come back, I want to get back to 100 percent, fit and feel good. This is the plan,» Kerber explained. When Kerber finally returns to tennis, she will not be the single mother on the WTA Tour, as Victoria Azarenka and Tatjana Maria are some of the active players who returned to tennis after pregnancy.

“Take your time, enjoy the moment now. And then, they said I’ll feel when it’s time to go back. It’s better to take a month later than a month before,» Kerber revealed, when asked what’s the best advice he’s received while pregnant.

Kerber, who last competed at Wimbledon, has been occasionally playing tennis with children of late. “I play with small children. Not that intense, but I’m there. This also makes me happy because I am missing out on tennis life. I am also looking forward to the new life and what the coming year will bring me,» concluded Kerber.

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