Andújar Último Partido Atp Encantado

Andújar: «If this has been my last ATP match, I’ll gladly take it»

The tennis player from Cuenca bid farewell to the Barcelona ATP by losing in two sets to Etcheverry from Argentina. In his final press conference for the Catalan tournament, Andújar admitted that he does not need to stay any longer and that his last tournament will be the Challenger in Valencia if there are no ATP invitations.

Results ATP Barcelona

This MondayPablo Andujar entered the midfield for the last time Royal Tennis Club Barcelona. On the first day of the final table Barcelona ATPThe man from Cuenca said goodbye forever to the tournament he was aiming to lift this year 2015 (until the run Nishikori) and where this year, the last of his tennis career, he lost in two sets to the Argentinian Tomás Etcheverry.

In his press conference in front of accredited media and surrounded by his family, Andújar admitted the feeling of the moment and that his last game as a professional will be Valencia Cuptournament Challenger 90 next november. Of his best memories 20 years on the track, the Spaniard misses his victory Federer in Ginebra 2021 and he admitted that on a spiritual level he had already given all he had to give.

His last match in Godó

«Yes, it is very emotional to be able to say goodbye to Barcelona the way I have. enjoying and settling against the ropes in the second set for a very fit player«.

The last match in the Valencia Cup

«Yes, I have planned my last game to be there. Within the ATP Tour, all invitations are welcome. I will continue to train, but at the moment the priorities are different. If this is my last ATP match, I’ll be happy to take it.«.

The satisfaction of giving it your all

«To this day I am empty, I have nothing left to give. My head had been telling me enough since last year. After coming back from injury, I worked really hard. Maybe I’ve noticed it. I never thought about it 37 years I would continue to play«.

A message from Spanish tennis generations

«I think we’ve been very lucky. A phenomenon like Carlitos (Alcaraz). It is something that happens very rarely in life.. Spain is lucky for all of us who love tennis. we also have Davidovich, Landaluze or Dani Corner and others that have already been established Bernabe Zapataetc. I think we have a great quarry for the future«.

His win against Federer in Geneva, his best memory

«It marks an impressive moment in my career, especially when I’m at the end of it. I had never played against him. Playing him and batting was a double dream«.

Changes in the district during the last 20 years

«It plays faster the players are much more prepared on a physical levelThey are more professional. not just top 100, but until 350 first. It has improved. Every player is currently an athlete. The races will be much longer«.

Injuries at their best

«In my best year 2015here I got to the last and third round Roland Garros y Wimbledon. There he injured my elbow and I spent three very annoying years. I try to learn from what happened to me. Instead of having been 32 he would have been 25, can be. It’s all speculation, but I’m very happy about the work I did in 2018 when he took to the track again when he had no ranking«.

Playing on land, what does it mean?

«For me, it’s like a battle. You know you will die physicallyThere is no such thing on other surfaces».

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