Andrey Rublev: &Quot;I Know I'M Depressive&Quot;

Andrey Rublev: «I know I’m depressed»

Last year andrei rublev gave life to a project that he brought to the stage in 2023, showing it for the first time in the first tournament of the season, Adelaide 1’s Atp 250, his new clothing line. But only for one match, as the Russian number two lost to Roberto Bautista Agut in the first round of the Australian tournament.

On this occasion, Rublev took off his Nike clothes and put on the new line of sportswear for the number eight tennis player in the world, called Ruble. From what can be known of the game lost against the Spaniard, there is no longer a contract with the previous sportswear brand, but the Russian continues to wear his shoes.

However, behind this new project there is a moving message.

Andrey Rublev: «I know I’m depressed»

On Instagram, the winner of twelve ATP titles what this new clothing line means to him, which goes beyond simple field clothing: the message is one of hope and kindness.

«Here is a migraine dream in their heads. I know that I am depressive and have always been thinking too much about life and death.but before the end of my days I will continue fighting for what I believe in, what I love and who I love.

We have been working on something important and close to me. And we would like to share with you something that can be bigger than a brand, something that can help people, the planet. Something that will be a symbol of hope and goodness.

It’s going to be an interesting year and hopefully all of us together can add a little light in this dark world.» A forceful message, which is linked to the depression that he has suffered over the years and that he has told in many previous interviews..

A colleague of his also arrives to support the Russian’s new project. Aryna Sabalenka responds to Rublev’s post by asking, «Will there be a women’s collection?»

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