Andre Agassi'S Ex-Coach Sounds Off On Constant Rafael Nadal Retirement Questions

Andre Agassi’s former coach answers constant questions about Rafael Nadal’s retirement

Andre Agassi’s former coach Brad Gilbert has urged the media to stop throwing questions about Rafael Nadal’s retirement as the Spaniard made it clear he still wants to play tennis. On Saturday, Nadal kicked off his 2023 United Cup season.

In his first match of the year, the 36-year-old Nadal suffered an upset defeat when Cameron Norrie beat the Spaniard 3-6, 6-3, 6-4. After he finished the match, Nadal was immediately asked about retirement. Gilbert, who worked with Agassi for nearly a decade, urged tennis fans and the media to appreciate Nadal’s greatness rather than just focus on his retirement date.

«Unfortunately even after @RafaelNadal tells you to stop asking about my retirement he will reappear in Melbourne remember to appreciate his greatness and humility he will let you know when the time comes,» Gilbert wrote on Twitter.

What Nadal said after Norrie’s defeat

Nadal responded with a smile on his face, but it’s pretty clear he’s had enough questions about retirement.

«I lost my match. That’s it, right? Every time I come to a press conference it seems like I have to retire. So you are very interested in my retirement. I mean, that’s not the case at the moment.» . When the day comes, I’ll let you guys know.

Don’t go ahead with the retirement, because I’m here to keep playing tennis,» Nadal told reporters after his loss to Norrie. Also, Nadal didn’t want to be negative or pessimistic after losing his first match of the year.

Nadal admitted that there are things he can improve as he hopes to do better in his next matches. “Well, it wasn’t a disaster at all. I can do things, of course, better, and I need to do it, «said Nadal. In his next match, Nadal plays Alex de Minaur.

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