Ana Ivanovic Explains What Forced Her To Retire Month After Turning 29

Ana Ivanovic explains what forced her to retire months after her 29th birthday

Ana Ivanovic has spoken openly about her decision to retire at 29, admitting that the constant battle with injuries led her to end her professional tennis career. On December 28, 2016, Ivanovic announced her retirement. Just a month before her retirement announcement, Ivanovic turned 29.

On the sixth anniversary of his retirement announcement, Ivanovic uploaded a video to his Instagram account. The first question Ivanovic asked herself was what led her to end her career. «I think it’s always a very difficult time in your career when you make that decision, but to be honest, last year or more than a year, I was really struggling with a lot of injuries and I felt like I could never recover.» fit to be at the top and I really felt it was time to step back and look for other opportunities and other desires that I had to start a different career,» Ivanovic said in a video posted to her Instagram.

Ivanovic on how difficult it was to retire

«It was very hard. I think it was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. But it was also encouraging because it was such a beautiful chapter in my life and I was looking forward to what was to come,» Ivanovic said.

Ivanovic enjoyed a successful career and his success came at a very young age.

During the 2007 French Open, Ivanovic made her first Grand Slam final before losing to Justine Henin. Ivanovic then made her second Grand Slam final at the 2008 Australian Open, but she again finished as runner-up after losing to Maria Sharapova.

However, losing two Grand Slam finals did not deter Ivanovic, who lifted her first Grand Slam title after beating Dinara Safina in the 2008 French Open final. On June 9, 2008, Ivanovic reached No. 1. for the first time in his career. Shockingly, Ivanovic never reached a Grand Slam final again after winning the 2008 French Open.

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