Alexandr Dolgopolov: &Quot;Display The Ukrainian Flag&Quot;

Alexandr Dolgopolov: «Show the Ukrainian flag»

the match between Anna Kalinskaya Y Anastasia Potapovafor access to the main table WTA Tournament in CincinnatiHe ended up in the eye of the storm not because of sporting merit or because of the spectacle that the two players offered on the track.

As reported by journalist Ben Rothenberg on his Twitter account, Lola, a spectator on Court 8, was forced to leave the Lindner Family Tennis Center for displaying the Ukrainian flag during the match. One of the two protagonists of the match (Rothenberg decided not to publish her name, ed.), Annoyed by the protest of the Ukrainian, expressly asked the chair umpire Morgane Lara to order the spectator to keep the flag.

The referee of the dispute advised the woman not to show the flag so as not to disturb the two players, taking into account their origin, describing the gesture as unkind and polite. Referring to the war that Russia is waging in Ukraine, Lola responded in the same way and pointed out that the only bad thing about it is the invasion of a country.

Dolgopolov: «Show the Ukrainian flag»

The position adopted by the player and the linesman has gone around the world and has been strongly criticized by the press. Alexander Dolgopolovengaged in the front line against the Russian invasion, he expressed all his disappointment on his social profiles and directly challenged both the ATP and the WTA.

The Ukrainian tennis player wrote on Twitter: «To all the people who have admired my tennis and who plan to follow the US Open live, I ask you to carry and display a Ukrainian flag in all matches involving Russian and Belarusian tennis players.

And I challenge the ATP and the WTA to make the same move again. Our country is drowning in blood and violence and no Russian will intimidate a silent supporter with the Ukrainian flag. Have respect!» Here’s the original Twitter post: «To all the people who admired my tennis and plan to visit the US tournaments, I ask that you bring a Ukrainian flag to every Russian or Belarus match you watch.

And I challenge the @atptour @WTA to try this step again. Please repost.» In the next few days there should be a response to the WTA and ATP issue, especially talking about the two players involved.

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