John Mcenroe: &Quot;Was I Also As Bad Guy As Nick Kyrgios?&Quot;

«Was I as bad as Nick Kyrgios too?»

Almost two months after the match won by Kyrgios on the lawns of the All England Club by Nick Kyrgios against Stefanos Tsitsipas, John McEnroe He has returned to talk about the Australian’s behavior on the court thinking about his past.

The American legend, in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian, said: «Every time I see Kyrgios play and do some stunts, I think: Me too? Was I that bad? It definitely reminds me of that kind of feeling. I think Nick just tries to deal with the pressure and fear of failure that we all have.

let’s try. His way of managing these moments is different from that of others. When you lose your mind, you end up blaming those close to you. Ironically, Kyrgios takes it out on the people who love him most and who are in his box.

It’s hard to see when he attacks his corner.»

What happened during that match?

The controversy over the match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon on July 2 seems to have never subsided.

The Australian, after a bad move that penalized him heavily in the final part of the first set, started a personal battle with the linesman and provoked his opponent several times during the match. The situation then degenerated when the Greek intentionally threw the ball into the crowd for having lost the second half of the match.

The ball thrown by Tsitsipas touched one of the spectators present in the first rows and Kyrgios immediately asked for the disqualification, citing the case of Novak Djokovic. Tsitsipas said at the press conference: «His game from him is a relentless act of bullying his opponent.

He is arrogant with his opponents. He was probably a bully even when he went to school. I don’t like bullies. He has personality traits. very evil. Playing with him is complicated «Today Kyrgios plays the US Open 2022, where he is one of the most anticipated stars on the court.

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