Tiafoe’s Champion Girlfriend Left With Mouth Wide Open After Rafael Nadal Upset

Tiafoe’s champion girlfriend was left with her mouth open after Rafael Nadal’s annoyance

After Frances Tiafoe played the final point in his win against Rafael Nadal, the American’s girlfriend, former NCAA national champion and professional tennis player Ayan Broomfield, was shocked when his jaw dropped for a few seconds.

Broomfield shared his reaction on Instagram, where he posts regularly.

How did Frances Tiafoe’s love story begin?

At a 2018 press conference in Toronto, American Frances Tiafoe revealed how her love affair began with current girlfriend Ayan Broomfield, who supported him during this year’s Rogers Cup.

«A friend, Vickie Duval, I’m sure you heard the name, said (in) around 2015, earlier that year, she said that everyone should date. And I thought, okay, that’s pretty bold,» Tiafoe said. . . «But then obviously Instagram these days and slipped the direct message from her.

It was pretty weird. I usually don’t, and we started talking for a bit, and then I asked for her number. And I was like, okay, well, the US Open is coming soon. Are you Canadian. Surely you came with your family or what not.

She dodged it and tried to play tough to get it, whatever, whatever. And then she finally got to the end. She saw me play. I think I played against Georgia that year. It was 2017. And then mixed doubles. I spent some time with her. She had family in Harlem, so I hung out with her a little bit.

I was like, geez, we’re not even dating yet, and I’m already meeting your family. We’re moving pretty fast here, but that was another story. And then the last day there, I thought, I’m going home and you go back to Canada.

You’re going to Clemson soon. Actually, UCLA. But I was like, well, I guess this is my chance. We can go out? And then I did it over FaceTime. I didn’t even do it in person. I’m not even going to lie. i was tight

I was tight. She said yes. She paused for a long time and then said yes. And then that’s… yeah, the story continues.»

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