Skiing Legend Lindsey Vonn Helps Roger Federer See Bright Side After Retirement

Ski legend Lindsey Vonn helps Roger Federer look on the bright side after his retirement

Alpine skiing legend Lindsey Vonn reacted to Roger Federer’s retirement announcement. Vonn was visibly upset by the Swiss maestro’s decision, but he also saw the bright side. “Noooo!! So sad that you’re leaving.

But… now we can ski!!” Vonn wrote on Instagram. In 2014, former World No. 1 tennis player Roger Federer and 4-time ski racing World Cup champion Lindsey Vonn played tennis on a glacier 3,450 meters above sea level for Lindt’s promotion. Chocolate.

See footage of their match here: Roger Federer and Lindsey Vonn play tennis on a glacier 3,450 meters above sea level

Lindsey Vonn thinks Federer is the GOAT

Speaking in a 2021 interview, Lindsey Vonn named Roger Federer the greatest champion of all time in men’s tennis.

At the same time, Lindsey revealed that she has great respect for Roger Federer’s main rival, Rafael Nadal. «I have respect for Rafael Nadal, what he did especially on clay is unbelievable, but I was and am a fan of Roger Federer.

For me he will always be the greatest of all time. He plays very gracefully and is very balanced. It’s good to see how all the fans love him and I think you can hardly do better than him. Records are important but not always the best is the one with the best numbers, you have to go further.

To overcome the barriers that go beyond the sport and drag him down, Federer is more than just an athlete and not everyone is like him.» In 2012, Vonn also noted Federer’s humility. «The way he continues to fight to master his sport personally inspires me.

I think he is legitimately one of the greatest athletes of all time. Of all the athletes I have met, Roger is the kindest and most genuine. He really cares about people and what he has done with his foundation and his humanitarian efforts has been amazing.

He is very hardworking and extremely humble, but what I respect most about him is that he is the same person every day, win or lose. He cares about being a role model and that children can look up to him. I consider him a hero because I want to be like him. I also want to be a good role model for children.”

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