Serena Williams Video Refutes Margaret Court’s Belief That Serena Never Admired Her

Serena Williams video refutes Margaret Court’s belief that Serena never admired her

After Margaret Court said she thinks Serena Williams has never looked up to her, a video of the recently retired American tennis icon proves otherwise.

“Serena, I have admired her as a player,” Court said.

«But I don’t think she ever looked up to me,» Court told the Daily Telegraph.

Court thinks his time was much easier

Margaret Court, an Australian tennis legend with a total of 64 Grand Slams (24 singles, 19 women’s doubles and 21 mixed doubles) won throughout her career, acknowledged that Serena Williams had played for many more years than her. and seemed to suggest that she had achieved more than the American.

«The 64, I don’t think anyone will ever touch it,» Court told The Daily Telegraph. “Serena has played seven years longer than me. I finished at 30 years old. People forget that I took two years off.

I first retired as Ash Barty when I was 25 years old, thinking I would never return to tennis. I got married, had a baby, but then I had one of my best years, winning 24 out of 25 tournaments. I came back after two babies. After having the first baby, I won three of the four Slams.

Serena hasn’t won a Slam since [she gave birth]Margaret Court said. Furthermore, Court expressed that she feels that the current era is much easier. “I would love to have played at this time. I think it’s much easier,” she said.

“How I would have liked to take family or friends with me. But I could not. He had to go alone or with the team. People don’t see all that. We had no psychologists or coaches with us.

It is a completely different world. That’s what disappoints me: that today’s players don’t honor the game’s past,» Court said.

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