Serena Williams Tells Hilarious Anecdote From One Of Her Dates (Watch)

Serena Williams tells a hilarious anecdote about one of her dates (LOOK)

Serena Williams revealed a hilarious dating anecdote as she reflected on her retirement from tennis. On The Tonight Show, Williams revealed that she actually imagined her retirement would be just a day of quietly walking away from the game.

«No, I always thought that in the end, I would just go quietly and not say anything or make an announcement on social media or anything like that. That’s how I always thought about it,» Williams said on The Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon then asked Williams if she was the type to leave the party without telling anyone. «Yeah, I mean, if it’s not happening, if you’re not playing the right music, I’m out of here,» Williams replied.

Williams: I actually did it once on a date.

«I actually did that once, on a date. Well, I wasn’t having a big date. I just went to the bathroom,» Williams said. «And he never came back? (Both laugh)» Fallon asked.

Williams replied, «I still have to go back.»

Additionally, Williams took a look at his retirement plans.

Williams stressed that retiring from tennis does not mean that she now plans to just sit back and do nothing in her life. «I think retirement is something you earn a lot for and people work very hard for.

I’m at an age where I definitely have more to give and there’s a lot more I want to do,» Williams said. «I’m not going to relax, there’s a lot for me. I feel like it’s more of an evolution of Serena and there are so many things I’ve wanted to do for so many years.

I have such a passion for tennis for so long that I have never done it. But now it’s time for me to like to start enjoying those things.» In post-tennis life, Williams plans to focus on business and family.

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