'Roger Federer'S Successes Won'T Be Forgotten Soon But...', Says Top Coach

‘Roger Federer’s successes won’t soon be forgotten, but…’ says coach

It was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting rivalries in the history of world sport. Two great friends who always fought on any court when they were against each other, to show that they were the best. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have made a lot of people passionate about tennis with their amazing challenges.

The Swiss faced the Spaniard from Manacor in a total of 40 official matches: each of them had something special and naturally gave a lot to the winner. Especially before Novak Djokovic’s explosion of talent, the two were undoubtedly the best (also in the ATP world rankings) and often clashed for a major title.

The Iberian was the one who won more games in history than the ‘king’, who in direct confrontations had to give up the Majorcan on several occasions. The total balance between the two is 24-16; a difference that is reduced if only the matches of the final phase are taken into account (14-10, always in favor of Spain).

Rafa has also made a difference in Slam matches: leading 3-1 at the Australian Open, losing the bitter final act in 2017; 6-0 advantage at Roland Garros, with Nadal always beating his main rivals in his second home; at Wimbledon, Federer led 3-1 in the matches; the two have «incredibly» never met at the US Open.

When it comes to the Nitto ATP Finals, it is the Swiss who dominates with a consistent 5-1 record. Both will also go down in history for what they did as a couple, in the historic match they played together in the Laver Cup (the last competition the 41-year-old will play).

Luthi talks about King Roger

Severin Luthi, Roger Federer’s long-time coach, revealed that the 20-time Grand Slam champion will be remembered primarily for being a good person. «I think many will remember him mainly as a good person.

That is more important than winning a title more or less. The kindness of him and how he behaved with the other players. Roger has contributed to players treating each other with more respect,» said Severin Luthi.

«He talks to everyone in the locker room. It doesn’t matter who he is. It’s about the person. Sure, his successes won’t be forgotten anytime soon. But I think the human aspect is even more important. will turn his back on tennis,» he added.

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