'Roger Federer Would Never Go Off Out Loud In...', Says Atp Ace

‘Roger Federer would never explode out loud on…’ says ATP ace

Nick Kyrgios paid tribute to Roger Federer because he feels there will never be another Federer. Kyrgios, 27, has faced Federer seven times. Kyrgios only managed one victory over Federer, but they had several exciting fights in which the Australian narrowly missed out on beating the Swiss.

On Thursday, Federer announced that he is retiring from tennis after the Laver Cup. Unfortunately, Kyrgios will miss the Laver Cup for the first time in his career. «No one will play the game like you. After losing in four sets to Novak Djokovic in this year’s Wimbledon final, Kyrgios explained why he felt Federer was the most difficult to play.

«I wouldn’t say that. Like I said before, I had a chance to win the match. It doesn’t make you feel as bad as Federer sometimes,» Kyrgios said. «I think Federer, from the other three guys, can make you feel really bad, like it makes you want to get off the court.

He can make things look very fast and the court very small.» When Kyrgios and Federer first met at the 2015 Madrid Masters, Kyrgios picked up a big win. Federer won each of their subsequent meetings, but four of those six wins were in straight sets.

«Nadal and Djokovic, they let you play a little bit from the baseline and if you’re not playing well then you fight,» Kyrgios said. «But Federer can get you off the court very quickly.» Probably the most memorable match between Kyrgios and Federer came at the 2017 Miami Masters.

In a match that lasted three hours and 11 minutes, Federer defeated Kyrgios 7-6 (9) 6-7 (9) 7-6 (5).

Evans pays tribute to Federer

Dan Evans praised Roger Federer and his personality, calling him a normal and down-to-earth person.

«Yeah, him and his team are great to me. We practiced a bunch of times. Obviously I think two and a half weeks once in Dubai every day. Yeah, it was great. Roger was great,» Evans said. The Briton praised the 41-year-old’s down-to-earth personality and said he was a very good partner to practice with.

«Yeah, I think the biggest compliment I can give him is that he was a very, very normal, down-to-earth person who was obviously good at king status in the sport. He treated me and treats everyone exactly like the guy normal on the street to his partner.

That was the biggest compliment I can give him. Obviously a very good practice partner to practice with. Yeah, it was like his phone, it would never ring loudly at a press conference,” he said.

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