Rafael Nadal “Would Have A Panic Attack” If He Saw Tiafoe’s Messy Habit, Says Fan

Rafael Nadal ‘would have a panic attack’ if he saw Tiafoe’s messy habit, says fan

After a fan commented on how messy Frances Tiafoe’s bench looked in the US Open final against Carlos Alcaraz, he drew a comparison to Rafael Nadal’s meticulous style of arranging everything from his bottles to his tennis rackets.

«If Nadal saw this, he would have a panic attack, let’s be honest,» the fan said.

The fan went even further by taking a screenshot of Tiafoe putting his towels away during points.

Another fan responded with a photo of Tiafoe sitting in the middle of his chaotic bench.

An additional follower said: “I love Francis Tiafoe’s wardrobe.

Everything is in view… you will not lose anything. Maybe you just need a laundry bag or hamper too. You must get rid of your «primitive and correct» opponents neat and tidy. Great tactics. Or are the shirts and shoes smelly and sweaty?

Tiafoe’s key to beat Nadal

Tiafoe, however, opted for another key aspect to defeat Rafael Nadal.

Although Frances Tiafoe beating Rafael Nadal is one of the most surprising upsets of the US Open, it was not that unexpected as the American confidently announced before the match that he was serious. Before the match, the local favorite even shared the card that he planned to play against the Spanish legend.

“Now I think I can beat him, I’m definitely going to go after him. I think for everyone it’s the intensity of him. Match his intensity from the first point to the last. You can’t really have any dip. He takes advantage of it.

How good is his forehand, right? Once he gets his forehand under control, it’s hard to break him out of that pattern. I’m going to have to be really aggressive and try to get him to play me, not me to play him,» Tiafoe explained.

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