Rafael Nadal: &Quot;Not All Days Are The Same&Quot;

«Not every day is the same»

Rafael NadalFour-time champion of the tournament, he dominates the first two sets and that only yields something in the foot of the goal against Richard Guasquet, and he will face Frances Tiafoe, executioner of Diego Schwartzman, in the round of 16.

At a press conference, the Spaniard said some very interesting words: «I think it was my best match of the tournament so far. Besides, it’s also the first time I’ve won in three sets and I don’t spend too much time on the pitch.» , this can always come in handy in a Slam tournament.

Let’s say he raised the level of the game in the third set and changed a lot of things, but obviously I’m happy that I didn’t get distracted and made it to the second round again. Tiafoe? He is playing very well and I think he has improved in many, many aspects.

He has more experience, more games in his legs, a player with incredible passion. I know perfectly well that it will be another very difficult challenge and that I will have to raise the level of my game even more if I want to have a chance to advance.

Let’s just say today was a more normal day. The other night for an hour and a half I felt like I might lose. There are simply days when things go according to plan and others when you have to come up with something to reverse course.

I think I’m pretty good at it. It may seem trivial, but you should always remember not to make the above mistakes and do better to avoid certain situations. Today, for example, things went well, but up to 6-0 it was difficult.

Every game was fought. I certainly couldn’t think of winning 6-0 6-1 6-1, but obviously when the level goes up only at a certain stage of the game you are surprised.» Nadal then commented on training on the court in a rather cold manner: «For To be honest, I’m not using it much.

I’m used to playing at my pace, at my own pace, repeating things to myself and concentrating. Tennis is a sport. which historically hasn’t had this kind of thing so let’s just say I’m pretty used to looking for solutions on my own.

I’m not criticizing him, because if I remember correctly I voted in favour, but in general I think it’s the player who has to seek and find solutions on the pitch».

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