Mats Wilander Reacts To Carlos Alcaraz Becoming Grand Slam Champion

Mats Wilander reacts to Carlos Alcaraz becoming Grand Slam champion

Mats Wilander praised Carlos Alcaraz’s maturity and attitude as he is sure the 19-year-old is definitely here to stay. On Sunday, Alcaraz lifted his first Grand Slam title after beating Casper Ruud 6-4, 2-6, 7-6 (1), 6-3.

Alcaraz not only became a Grand Slam champion by winning the US Open, but he is also now the highest ranked player in the world. At 19 years old, Alcaraz is already a Grand Slam champion, two-time Masters champion and the best ranked in the world.

Wilander: «Alcaraz’s rise will always be remembered»

«We will always remember this rise of Carlos Alcaraz,» Wilander told Eurosport. «I will always remember Casper Ruud for putting up a great fight and reaching two Grand Slam finals in 2022, now No.

2 in the world. Carlos Alcaraz was going to get to No. 1 at some point, but seeing him do it here by winning is absolutely historic. Carlitos is so mature on and off the field that the two go hand in hand. It’s unreal in his attitude, unreal.

Is incredible. The most consistent player becomes World No. 1 and Ruud becomes World No. 2. He’s not going anywhere for the next 10 years.” After winning his second Masters title in Madrid, Alcaraz said he was ready to become Grand Champion at once.

Four months later, Alcaraz has achieved his goal and is already a Grand Slam champion. After the US Open final, Alcaraz hugged his team and shared a moment with them. “Alcaraz’s relief and sharing it with his team is beautiful and I feel lucky to be able to see it up close.

This is an amazing feeling. It just shows how he’s been so dedicated to this sport since the beginning, and to play this tennis at the end of a Grand Slam is absolutely amazing,» said Kim Clijsters. Alcaraz’s next big goal will probably be to try and win the ATP Finals later this season.

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