Maria Sharapova Forced To Sprint In Fashion Dress On New York Streets

Maria Sharapova forced to run in a fashionable dress on the streets of New York

Maria Sharapova and fashion journalist Laura Brown ran through the streets of New York on their way to a New York Fashion Week event. “Don’t you love fashion week? You love him. You go downtown, the energy, the traffic, the fact that you can’t get anywhere in a car seat, you have to sprint.

Yes, yes, yes,” Laura Brown said as Sharapova ran past her.

Apart from attending fashion events, Maria Sharapova also attended the US Open.

«It was amazing to see Serena’s career and glory and graceful tenacity as she went to the end of her career,» Sharapova said on ESPN, according to Erik Gudris. «We talked about it on the net last year during this time of year and I said no disrespect to this generation, but you’re so much better and you need to get out, so I’m glad she got a chance here,» Sharapova said.

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