Lee Westwood Recalls The Moment He Met Queen Elizabeth Ii: I Was Always Excited

Lee Westwood remembers the moment he met Queen Elizabeth II: He was always excited

The BMW PGA Championship was briefly halted after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The players will use the time for rest. His death also shocked golfers, and one who remembered Queen Elizabeth and moments with her was Lee Westwood.

“The last day and a half or so has been a bit weird,”, said Lee Westwood, quoted by golfdigest.com “I was lucky enough to meet the Queen a couple of times. The world lost a good lady on Thursday. Every time I was near her I would leave with a smile on my face.

I was always excited to meet her, and she never let me down. She always left me feeling better with the world. She was a remarkable woman. I’ve seen her during functions at Buckingham Palace. I have my OBE [Order of the British Empire] her.

He treated everyone equally and had time for everyone. it was impressive she stood for hours and had a conversation with everyone. The breadth of knowledge from him was incredible.”

Lee Westwood and the experience

Westwood had experience with tournament disruption, but he couldn’t expect the Queen’s death to be the cause.

“We are used to game delays, even if this one was a little different. It was longer than most and of course the most unfortunate kind. It really hasn’t crossed my mind that I might have extra incentive to do well this week.

I’ve always loved the PGA Championship. I have never missed it. It is the flagship event of the European Tour. I have been a member for almost three decades and have never stopped wanting to support it.

I have always enjoyed the course as well. Wentworth is in a great spot on the schedule now. It’s a really good course, and this is a proper event.»

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