'I Think Roger Federer Would Be Missed', Says Atp Ace

«I think Roger Federer would be missed,» says ATP ace

The last member of the Fab Four also wanted to pay tribute to Roger Federer. The Swiss champion said goodbye to tennis one afternoon in mid-September, one week away from what will be the last tournament he will play: the Laver Cup.

An event that will go beyond mere competition: it will not only be the scene of Federer’s last match, but it will also be the first opportunity to see all the Fab Four together in the Europe team. After the tributes of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray has also arrived.

The Briton, like his rivals, wanted to remember the achievements of the 20-time Swiss champion and the epic battles of both: not only the Slam challenges, such as the Wimbledon final, but also the final of the London Olympics, won by the British on the English grass.

«He’s always been a wonderful player and I’ve been lucky enough to compete against him, in big matches, in big tournaments and on big stages in our sport. In his day, I didn’t appreciate him very much, but looking back, it’s quite amazing how What did».

that he has achieved, that Rafa and Novak have also done”, he said in his Davis Cup press conference, in which he commits to Great Britain for the round of 16 of the final phase. Andy Murray dedicated words of praise to Roger Federer’s career, in particular to his longevity: «It is a sad day for the sport.

An incredible career, also because of the longevity it has had. What he did at the 2018 Australian Open, I think, but I could be wrong, when he came back from knee surgery and all of that was fantastic. The way he played, the way he carried himself and all that, I think that’s why all the players respected him.»

Dan Evans comments on Federer

Dan Evans praised Roger Federer and his personality, calling him a normal and down-to-earth person. «Yeah, I think the biggest compliment I can give him is that he was a very, very normal, down-to-earth person who was obviously good at king status in the sport.

He treated me, and he treats everyone exactly like the normal guy on the street treats his partner. That was the biggest compliment I can give him. Obviously a very good practice partner to practice with. Yeah, it was like his phone, it would never ring loudly at a press conference,” she said.

Evans also stated that the former World No. 1 will be missed and that it would be unfortunate for the younger generation not to see him play. «No, he was good. I think he would be missed. He would say hi to everyone on tour.»

Obviously, to be as good as he was, he obviously wasn’t nice to everyone, I’m sure, but he was an incredible competitor. He will be greatly missed, I think. It will be different for the older ones who don’t have it around. It is unfortunate for the younger generation not to see how it operated, yes,” he added.

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