Fans React To Ohanian Calling Serena Williams' Dancing Moves “Unprofessional”

Fans react as Ohanian calls Serena Williams’ dance moves ‘unprofessional’

After Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian called the tennis icon «unprofessional» as a result of seeing his wife dancing alone in the streets of New York on Instagram, fans began to react in very different ways.

Some thought Alexis was joking. «It’s a joke, dum dum,» said one fan. However, some took the comment to heart and jumped to Serena’s defense. «Divorce this clown,» said one fan. «She is not at work or in a professional setting.

I think people forget that celebrities are people too! She is a wife and a mother, but before all that, she is @serenawilliams, regardless of whether this was a joke or not, she is not hurting or offending anyone. She is also creating content for her page, she didn’t twerk or do anything to disgrace her family,» said another fan.

«She’s been a professional (and worked) most of her childhood and all of her adult life. She’s retired now. Can she have some fun?» said another follower.

Serena called «unprofessional» by her husband

During a dress rehearsal event at New York Fashion Week, Serena Williams spontaneously started dancing, likely because she wasn’t included in the rehearsal, but her husband described the moment as «unprofessional.»

«When Lil Nas X calls you for dress rehearsal but you didn’t make the cut,» Serena Williams captioned the video.

Serena’s husband, Alexis Ohanian, commented, «Unprofessional.»

However, Serena Williams opened Vogue’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week alongside Lil Nas X. Vogue posted a video of the moment on her Instagram account. «Serena Williams opens Vogue World,» Vogue captioned the short video.

Watch the video here: Serena Williams opens the Vogue show at New York Fashion Week

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