Daria Saville Sneaks On Nadal And Medvedev At Gym

Daria Saville sneaks Nadal and Medvedev into the gym

WTA No. 72 Daria Saville, formerly Gavrilova, trained near top ATP players Daniil Medvedev and Rafael Nadal, who were cycling sitting down. Motivated by her example, Daria also started biking before posting the moment on one of her Instagram stories.

«If they ride a bike, I ride a bike too,» wrote Daria Saville.

Saville missed his chance at Cincinnati

Daria Saville appeared to be unhappy as Bianca Andreescu withdrew from the Cincinnati event late, denying her a chance to play.

Andreescu withdrew from Toronto after the draw had already been announced, citing a «schedule change». Saville would have made the main draw as a first substitute had Andreescu withdrawn from Cincinnati before qualifying matches began.

«I’m not even salty but it does happen all the time,» Saville tweeted. In another tweet, Saville wrote: «If someone from the main draw drops out before qualifying matches start, then the alternate roster players come in.

The games started today at 10, so it had to be just before that time. And I was the first alternate.» Despite Andreescu pleading reason, Andreescu appeared to be struggling with breathing and conditioning issues against Kasatkina in the first round last week in Toronto.

«I didn’t really feel good. Dizzy and nauseous. Nothing to do with my back, thankfully, but I definitely didn’t want to cause any damage/distraction or whatever people have been calling my opponent or anyone for that matter.» . .

I really wanted to move on, this is the court I grew up on and it was not an option for me tonight. It just makes me sad to see that people actually believe that. We athletes go through injuries, illnesses, etc., the last thing I want to do is put more of that energy into the air, especially if it’s fake?!?!

Has no sense. Yeah, I wish I could not show it, but at the end of the day I’m human too,» Andreescu said.

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