Chris Evert Confesses Roger Federer That He Is The Only One That Makes Her Cry

Chris Evert confesses to Roger Federer that he is the only one who makes her cry

Chris Evert sent Roger Federer a video message telling him that he is her favorite player and the only player who makes her cry when she loses. «Hi Roger! This is Chrissie. I think I’ve been dreading doing this video for a long time because it means you’re retiring, but I just want you to know that I appreciate how kind you were to my kids in their early years.» years in which you always came out of the locker room to greet them.

I just want you to know, along with the beauty of your game, what impressed me the most was that you were a great athlete both on and off the court. Win or lose, you were so gracious and such a gentleman. You know you are my favorite player.

You have always been my favorite player, and you know that you are the only player who cries when you lose. So those two things are important to me. Anyway, good luck to you and be happy,» says Chris Evert in the video.

Chris Evert somehow anticipated Roger Federer’s retirement

Chris Evert wasn’t entirely sure Federer was going to return, as he suggested in an August 2022 interview.

«Roger Federer has four children and is enjoying life in Switzerland. He has started numerous projects off the court and looks very happy. The feeling is that it would take a titanic feat not to return to number 1, but even to return.» . to the Top 5.

It would be amazing at his age. We don’t know how the training goes. We don’t even know if he is as hungry as before or if he is satisfied with the life he leads. We can only make a verdict after seeing it in action.

As I have repeated countless times, each one withdraws when they want. Roger earned this right, as did Serena Williams,» Evert told ESPN.

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