Carlos Alcaraz Never Stops: The Umpteenth Record

Carlos Alcaraz never stops: the umpteenth record

Carlos Alcaraz avenges recent defeats at Umag and Wimbledon and beats Jannik Sinner, inflicting one of the worst defeats of his career. The Italian plays an extraordinary match, serves for the match and misses a match point wasting an important opportunity, Carlos does not give up and even when he is under break in the fifth set he reacts and turns the game around.

Great victory for Alcaraz who continues to cultivate the dream of remaining number one in the world. At the end of the match, so much emotion for the Spaniard that he won a fantastic victory and spoke like this: «Honestly, I don’t know.

I don’t know how I managed to win this game. The level was incredible, Jannik is an extraordinary player and I think he is great for everyone to see games like this. Honestly I can only thank you, at this time I can not say more.

I will never stop repeating that all the games I win on this field I win thanks to you. I honestly can’t explain how much energy you can transmit to me.»

The umpteenth record of Carlos Alcaraz

If he wins the tournament or even the final (without Casper Ruud), Alcaraz would become number one in the world and shatter other major records.

The 19-year-old Spaniard, now with Khachanov, Ruud and the next opponent Tiafoe, becomes the big favorite for the final victory, especially in the case of an excellent recovery from today’s battle. Meanwhile, thanks to the semi-final, Alcaraz becomes the youngest Grand Slam semi-finalist since Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros in 2005.

A record that becomes even more surprising if we think exclusively of the US Open tournament. Alcaraz is the youngest US Open semifinalist since the time of US champion Pete Sampras, semi-finalist even in 1990. Carlos Alcaraz’s numbers are extraordinary and certainly incredible considering where the tennis player was at the end of the season, now the chances that the The Spanish will become number one at the end of the year if not this weekend they are always superior.

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