Watch: Ben Stiller’s Upset Reaction Seeing Friend Rafael Nadal Losing On-Court

Ben Stiller’s upset reaction to seeing his friend Rafael Nadal lose on the court

Ben Stiller was caught wincing in the stands as he watched his friend Rafael Nadal lose to Frances Tiafoe in the 2022 US Open quarterfinals.

Stiller and Nadal had dinner together just before the US Open

One night before the first round of the US Open, Rafael Nadal had dinner with family and friends, including the famous actor Ben Stiller.

Nadal posted a photo of the dinner on social media. «Fun dinner with my team and friends! And… all good before the tournament starts,» Nadal wrote alongside the photo. Former ATP Doubles World No. 3 Marc Lopez was among Nadal’s friends present at the dinner.

See the photo in this article: Rafael Nadal has dinner with Ben Stiller, family and friends before the start of the US Open

Ben Stiller and Rafael Nadal: details of the relationship

In the past, Ben Stiller has described how he started playing tennis.

«I tried to play. I started very late, maybe nine years ago. I grew up in a tennis family. Four years ago Rafa took me out on the court at Madison Square Garden with Juan Martin del Potro and it was one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life. life.

They just educated me. And I started taking lessons to eventually show up there one day again,» said the famous actor. Stiller loves the fourth Grand Slam of the season’s schedule and explained why: «It’s fun to go to the smaller courts earlier in the tournament. , you will be able to see the best players in the world up close.

That’s one of the best things to do, watch different games, practice courts. It’s great when you’re in New York. This is a great event. It’s fun,» he admitted. Ben Stiller is known as both a producer and an actor. Notable movies he starred in include: Zoolander, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Along Came Polly.

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