Andrea Petkovic Cracks Rafael Nadal Joke When Discussing Pain Limits In Tennis

Andrea Petkovic jokes with Rafael Nadal when talking about the limits of pain in tennis

Former World No.9 Andrea Petkovic joked that she may have finished her career without a Grand Slam title, but at least she still has a nerve in her foot that she can feel. Petkovic, who turned 35 just 10 days ago, retired from professional tennis after the US Open.

Throughout his career, Petkovic dealt with ankle, knee, and back injuries. After dealing with foot pain just a few days before the French Open, Rafael Nadal decided to completely anesthetize his foot. With a numb foot, Nadal went all the way at the French Open.

«That’s why he could have 22 Grand Slam titles and I have zero. But I still have a nerve in my foot that I can feel and it works,» Petkovic joked, according to Eurosport Deutschland.

Petkovic could no longer deal with the pain

«I also stopped this year, because I couldn’t train without painkillers, especially in the last two months before I stopped.

And I didn’t want to play like that,» revealed Petkovic. Nadal, who suffers from Mueller-Weiss syndrome, did not want to miss the French Open and did his best to be able to go out and compete. Two weeks in a row, Nadal was taking anti-inflammatories and his foot I was asleep».

Petkovic, who was a professional for more than a decade and a half, admits that players sometimes have to make radical decisions if they want to win. “As a professional athlete, you have to push the limits. Professional sport is not healthy.

It has nothing to do with health. It’s an extremely competitive sport,» Petkovic explained. Meanwhile, Petkovic decided to retire after the US Open. At the US Open, Petkovic suffered a three-set loss in the first round to Belinda Bencic.

After losing to Bencic, Petkovic said she would like to be remembered for her determination and tenacity. Petkovic finished her career with seven WTA titles. Petkovic was once a top 10 player and reached her first and only Grand Slam semifinal at the 2014 French Open.

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